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Current Lake Elevation

Lake elevations are always subject to change, depending on conditions. Individuals who recreate below our dams and those with boats and water-related equipment on our lakes and facilities should always stay alert to changing conditions and be prepared to take the necessary steps to protect their property.

Lake Conditions Message

Current Turbine Release

Special Operations Message

Tentative Schedule for Turbine Operation

Georgia Power hopes you will safely enjoy the many benefits of our lakes. Please be aware that the generation schedule and subsequent water releases from the dams are subject to change without notice. In addition, you are solely responsible for your safety on the lakes and rivers. Areas below the dams are considered hazardous because of turbulent water conditions.

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Hazardous Zones

Hazardous Zones
  1. Buoys mark the presence of hydropower facility intake area.
  2. Strong current over or through spillway and trash gates.
  3. Strong unpredictable currents, presence of submerged hazards and low visibility upstream of dam spillways and trash gates.
  4. Turbulent discharges from automatically operated turbines.
  5. Cascading spillway discharges, strong unpredictable currents below dam and presence of debris passing over or through dam.
  6. Strong upstream currents in surface waters (reverse flow).
  7. Swift, turbulent waters below spillway gates.
  8. Slippery surfaces on shoreline.
  9. Submerged hazards and rapidly rising waters from turbine or spillway discharge.